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Are you looking for powerful and reliable tool for online Partial Discharges monitoring?

Reveal PD Doctor

PD Doctor solution allows online monitoring of electrical equipment condition, including subsequent precise and reliable analysis. All information can be reported directly into customers systems, even the MV powerline communication can be used for transmission.

Suitable for all voltage levels. From a low level of 230 V to a high level of 400 kV.

PD Doctor Analyzer

PD Doctor Coupler

PD Doctor Application

PD Doctor Analyzer

How it works

PD Doctor Analyzer is high-speed measuring unit that captures, process and evaluate partial discharge activity. Data about detected activity are provided together with environmental conditions via modern standardized machine-to-machine industrial protocol.

Key features:

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • Multi-channel support
  • High-speed connectivity via OPC UA
  • Compatible with IEC 61850
  • Provides wide data range, from raw samples to statistics

PD Doctor Coupler

How it works

PD Doctor Coupler unifies signals from various types of sensors for PD Doctor Analyzer. It is also responsible for channel switching, selecting measuring range and providing environmental conditions. Multiple couplers can be connected to the single chain to obtain higher number of measuring channels.

Key features:

  • Multiple sensor types supported
  • AC synchronization with line voltage
  • Up-to 3 channels per unit
  • Integrated temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Solid construction suitable for outside environment

PD Doctor Application

User friendly application for partial discharge measurement, analysis, and monitoring.

Online monitoring allows to leave old time-based maintenance models and switch to the new condition-based models, which leads to extended deployment of components and thus cost reduction. PD Doctor monitoring is ideal solution for deep analysis, and also for everyday health situation overview of power grids and electrical machines.

Deep analysis tools are useful mainly for technical experts during diagnosing and localizing intervention. The daily reports provide simple way to summarize the current state and history trends of monitored components via semaphore indication. This allows fast evaluation, easy planning of future maintenance strategies and prevent failures.

Key features:

  • Remote and on-site PRPD measurements
  • Detailed analysis using PRPD diagrams
  • Trends evaluation
  • Comparison of measurements
  • Automatic measurements according to the scheduler
  • Clear presentation of the state of partial discharges at the metering points
  • Detailed PRPD comparison
  • Metering points management
  • Limit alarms and notifications
  • Data import and export
  • Generating reports to pdf

PD Doctor Server

If Partial Discharge measurement and analysis is necessary for large scale applications, we also offer Server.

Key features:

  • Ideal for large scale applications
  • 24/7 data collection and analysis
  • Long term history and evaluation
  • Data backup and encryption
  • Data interface for customer application
  • OPC UA compatible (IEC 62541, IEC 61850)

Discover the advantages of on-line partial discharges measurement with PD Doctor

Predictive diagnostics of failures and breakdowns

Asset lifetime prediction and condition assessment

Increase of power supply safety and reliability

Better planning of shutdowns and field visits reduction

Easy instalation

On-line monitoring of partial discharges, temperature and humidity

Measurement system for large scale areas

Various types of sensors for various electrical devices

Partial discharges detection within HV and MV network

PD localization for faster repairs

Failure prevention and unexpected service interruption avoidance

Asset condition monitoring

PD analysis and online reporting

PD trends overview

Alerts in case of dangerous condition detrioration




Electric motors



Overhead lines

Gas insulated switchgears


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