SolarDiag – photovoltaic power plants diagnostics

Solar Diag – photovoltaic
power plants diagnostics

Solar Diag is a unique online diagnostic tool that can detect and warn of potentially dangerous conditions, as well as identify reduced performance of installed panels.

Diagnostic unit MT-SD11

MT-SD11 is placed at the output of an individual string (approx. 20 panels connected in series). This unit measures voltage and current and services sensors for sunlight and temperature.

Communication with this unit occurs via the direct current bus, to which the individual strings are connected, and the output of this bus is in the inverter, where the driver servicing the diagnostic units is located. From it, the output leads to the superior diagnostic software. In case of a critical situation, the unit can safely disconnect the entire string.

Key features:

  • Fire prevention
  • Identification of dangerous touch voltage
  • Remote and local disconnection
  • Diagnostics and optimisation of photovoltaic panel performance
Diagnostic unit MT-SD11

Photovoltaic panels

Operational Efficiency

Due to the series connection of PV panels, the resulting power delivered to the grid depends on the weakest among them. If a fault is not diagnosed in time, it leads to energy losses of up to several hundred kWh per year in each string, corresponding to economic losses in the order of thousands of crowns per year.

Safety Risks

With the increasing number of photovoltaic installations, the danger of fires also grows. Their source can be:

  • Series arc – PV panels and circuits have a high number of connections, where a transitional state can occur with the possibility of local ignition
  • Parallel short-circuit – shorting of output conductors
  • Leakage current (short-circuit to frame) – dangerous touch voltage arises due to poor grounding

Solar Diag Brochure

Solar Diag Brochure